May 28, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

Materials Science and Engineering, Semiconductor Emphasis, B.S.

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In addition to adhering to the General Education Requirements , students must meet the following requirements to receive the B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering with an emphasis in Semiconductor at UC Merced. 

All students in the School of Engineering, regardless of major, are required to complete all requirements for all majors with a C- or better unless the course is offered as Pass/No Pass only, which requires a P grade.

Students in the School of Engineering must repeat a required course after receiving a grade of D+, D, D-, F, Unsatisfactory, or Not Passed, and may do so no more than twice beyond the initial enrollment in the class. Students may repeat a course only one time (for a total of two attempts to earn a C- or better). If students do not complete these requirements, they may take these courses at another institution or petition the school who hosts the course for a third attempt. The third attempt is not guaranteed at UC Merced.


Materials Science and Engineering, B.S. Four-Year Course Plan  

Requirements for the Materials Science and Engineering Major

All School of Engineering students are required to complete the following lower-division major preparation courses.

Required Major Preparation [48 Units]

Computing Requirement [4 units]

Choose one of the following options:

Biological or Environmental Systems Science Requirement [4 units]

Choose one of the following courses:

Additional Degree Requirements [10 Units]

Complete the following courses: 

Engineering Fundamentals Requirement [18 Units]

Complete the following courses:

Materials Science and Engineering Core [26 Units]

The MSE core consists of courses designed to give all students a common foundation of core knowledge and skills specific to the discipline:

Semiconductor Emphasis

Semiconductors are the foundation for everything from electronic devices to home appliances to aerospace. Materials engineers with the fundamental knowledge of semiconductors, semiconductor devices, and systems; and understanding of process controls and characterization methods for semiconductor production are in high demand to meet workforce needs and ensure national security and leadership in semiconductor research, development, and production.

Semiconductor Emphasis Core Requirement [11-12 units]

Complete the following courses:

Semiconductor Emphasis Technical Elective Requirement [1-4 units]

If needed, complete one of the MSE major technical elective courses, to meet the 12-unit MSE major technical elective requirement. The course should be one that is not used to complete the semiconductor core requirements, above. The semiconductor core requirements complete 11 of the 12 technical electives required for the MSE major.

Semiconductor Emphasis Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, graduates will be able to:

  • demonstrate fundamental understanding of semiconductors, semiconductor devices and systems, and instrumentation for semiconductors;
  • demonstrate knowledge of process control for semiconductor manufacturing;
  • demonstrate knowledge of how to characterize semiconductor properties through experimental or theoretical means;
  • demonstrate the ability to apply basic knowledge from different fields in the context of semiconductors;
  • view semiconductors from inter- and multi-disciplinary perspectives.

Transfer Students

To be admitted to the Materials Science and Engineering major transfer students must meet the following requirements:

Applicants will, at the time of admissions have completed at minimum each of the following courses (or their equivalent) with a “C-” or better:

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