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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH 135: Anthropological and Archaeological Sciences

Units: 4

Introduces major lines of chemical, biological, geological, and geospatial data used in Anthropological and Archaeological investigations through case studies from global modern, historic, and prehistoric contexts. Students learn to identify anthropologically- or archaeologically-meaningful research questions (e.g., reconstructing mobility, diet, or settlement patterns) and appropriate methods for answering them. Students practice scientific techniques such as: Quantitative data analysis and visualization, digital curation, geospatial analysis, statistical hypothesis testing, R language, and biogeochemical analysis.

Course Details
Repeats Allowed for Credit: 0

Laboratory included
Normal Letter Grade with Pass/No Pass option

GE Requirements
  • Approaches to Knowledge: Social Science
  • Approaches to Knowledge: Societies and Cultures of the Past

Requisites and Restrictions
Prerequisite Courses: (ANTH 001 or ANTH 003 or ANTH 005) and (ANTH 010 or BIO 018 or ECON 010 or MATH 018 or PSY 010 or SOC 010 or equivalent exam)
Open only to the following class level(s):
  • Junior
  • Senior

Instructor Permission Required: No

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