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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Media Arts Technique Program

Art has the potential to illuminate all aspects of life. As a form of creativity, art is distinguished by its metaphoric attributes. Art has an immense capability to transform and transcend. Dedication to diversity, cross cultural exploration, interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as belief in the value of freedom to explore characterizes Media Arts Technique Program curriculum.

The goal of the Media Arts Technique Program is to offer students the opportunity to sample multiple art techniques, from traditional to experimental, and to allow them to find their own individual ways of integrating art into their lives. Courses are designed to provide students with tools that will enhance their ability to grow, to adjust to new environments and to new ideas throughout their lives. Access to multiple art techniques aims to give students the opportunity to develop holistic understanding of art media as well as respect for the diverse ways in which art is manifested in different cultures. Media Arts Technique Program is designed to develop capacity to create new forms of expression and communication.

Media Arts Technique Program curriculum strives to help students integrate specialized art techniques into their chosen fields of study. Students are encouraged to enroll in courses that suit their personal interests. Students are able to choose courses according to applicability to their majors, or in order to gain perspective on their own disciplines. In addition, students may choose courses in order to strengthen their cognitive abilities, to learn to understand art and creativity better, to develop heuristic methods of learning, to access intuitive holistic thinking, to sharpen their powers of inquiry, to enhance their cultural literacy, or to develop empathy.

Courses in the following art media are offered: architecture, digital arts, fine arts, music, performing arts, and photography. The Artist in Residence Program, which is part of Media Arts Technique Program, provides students with opportunity to study the practice of art with professional artists. Past Artists in Residence included Latina theater director and actress, African American choreographer specializing in West African dance, and sculptor recognized for pioneering work in feminist art.

Enrollment in Media Arts Technique Program courses is open to all students, regardless of major or prior art experience.

Media Arts Technique Program Learning Outcomes

The content of Media Arts Program (MAP) courses is designed to guide students to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding and acquisition of (through hands-on projects) the principal attributes and mechanics of art technique(s) in medium of choice
  2. Demonstrate the ability to communicate the aesthetic, historical, cultural, social and contemporary aspects of the medium(media) they are studying
  3. Demonstrate the knowledge and application of certain traits that guide artistic creativity
  4. Express ideas through an art medium