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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Engineering Requirements

All students in the School of Engineering, regardless of major, are required to complete all requirements for all majors with a C- or better. (ENGR 191: Professional Seminar  is the only exception, which requires a P grade.)

Students in the School of Engineering must repeat a required course after receiving a grade of D+, D, D-, F, U, or Not Passed for previous attempts, and may do so no more than twice beyond the initial enrollment in the class.

General Education Requirements [At Least 42 Units]

School of Engineering students are required to complete the following list of general education courses:

Additional General Education Requirements:

General Education Electives (selected from a list of acceptable courses; at least three units should be a recognized upper division writing course):

  • Humanities or Arts [4 units]
  • Social Sciences [4 units]
  • An upper division writing course [3 units]
  • Either 3 Service Learning units, or 3 additional Humanities or Arts or Social Sciences units; these units can be upper division or lower division [3 units]

Service Learning

Under the advisement of a faculty mentor, students have the opportunity to form service-learning teams that work with an approved community not-for-profit organization—or client—to solve practical engineering problems. For example, a team composed of both upper and lower division students might work together to design, develop, implement and test an information system to serve the needs of a local non-profit service organization. Students electing to enroll in the UC Merced Service Learning initiative may earn up to two credits per semester for participation, depending on their leadership position within the team for that semester.

Major Preparation [24 Units]

Engineering students are required to complete the following major preparation courses.

Engineering Fundamentals

Engineering Fundamentals courses are determined by specific majors. See specific majors or talk to your advisor to find out which fundamentals courses are required for you.

Major Area Upper Division Courses

Major Area Upper Division Courses include major core courses, major technical electives and other specified requirements. See specific majors for the list of courses.

Transfer Requirements

Major Preparation and Acceptance to the Major

Articulation agreements between California Community Colleges and majors in the School of Engineering at UC Merced are found on Applicants are strongly encouraged to take as many courses that are equivalent to the major preparation required of their planned major at UC Merced. For School of Engineering majors, the completion of calculus, vector calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, a year of calculus based physics, one semester of general chemistry and two programming courses are strongly recommended.

More information on transfer preparation and admission can be found on and the School of Engineering Student Advising website. 

General Education

Transfer students are required to complete the following general education pattern before graduation:

  • Two English Composition courses (equivalents to WRI 001  and WRI 010 )
  • Three social sciences courses in at least two disciplines
  • Three arts and humanities courses (of the three arts and humanities courses required, at least one has to be from arts and one has to be from humanities).

IGETC is strongly discouraged but certification will fulfill lower division Writing, Arts/Humanities and Social Science requirements.

Since Engineering is a rapidly developing profession, curricular changes are made by the Faculty from year to year. Changes made to the School of Engineering curriculum will be made available on the School of Engineering website at