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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrical Engineering, B.S.

*Available Fall 2023

In addition to adhering to General Education Requirements , students must meet the following requirements to receive the B.S. in Electrical Engineering at UC Merced.

All students in the School of Engineering, regardless of major, are required to complete all requirements for all majors with a C- or better. (ENGR 091 ENGR 191 CE 001 , and BIOE 001  are the only exceptions, which require a P grade.)

Students in the School of Engineering must repeat a required course after receiving a grade of D+, D, D-, F, Unsatisfactory, or Not Passed, and may do so no more than twice beyond the initial enrollment in the class. Students may repeat a course only one time (for a total of two attempts to earn a C- or better). If students do not complete these requirements, they may take these courses at another institution or petition the school who hosts the course for a third attempt. The third attempt is not guaranteed at UC Merced.


Lower Division Requirements [45 Units]

Computing Requirement [4 units]

Complete the following course:

Electrical Engineering Core [9 units]

Complete the following courses:

Upper Division Requirement [48 Units]

Electrical Engineering Core [40 units]

Complete the following courses:

  • EE 166: Electronics Circuits Design I, Units: 4
  • EE 115: Electromagnetics and Applications, Units: 4
  • EE 120: AC and RF Circuit Analysis, Units: 4
  • EE 130: Electric Machines, Units: 4
  • EE 135: Semiconductor Devices, Units: 4
  • EE 140: Computer and Microcontroller Architecture, Units: 4 
  • EE 145: Signal Processing and Linear Systems, Units: 4
  • EE 150: Communication Theory, Units: 4
  • EE 160: Electrical Power Systems, Units: 4
  • EE 175: Electrical control systems, Units: 4

Electrical Engineering Elective Core [4 units]

Complete one of the following courses:

  • EE 111: Electronics Circuits Design II
  • EE 181: Photonics and Optoelectronicsits
  • EE 188: Electric Vehicle Design
  • EE 189: Vehicular Networks
  • EE 190: Cybersecurity and Power-Grid Security
  • EE 192: Energy Storage and Conversion


Electrical Engineering Culminating Experience [4 units]

Complete the following courses:

  • EE 193: Engineering a Smart Object
  • EE 194: Engineering a Smart Object