May 22, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Sciences Research Institute

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The mission of the Health Sciences Research Institute (HSRI) is to promote all research in the human health sciences at UCM. Research perspectives within the HSRI currently include health psychology, medical anthropology, medical sociology, cognitive science, neuroscience, molecular cell biology, biochemistry, stem cell biology, bioengineering, and computational biology, involving faculty from all three schools.

Human health issues are complex, requiring research from multiple perspectives. The HSRI promotes the organization of its member laboratories into synergistic teams, combining complementary disciplinary expertise to effectively tackle complex problems in human health. The formation of these inter- and multidisciplinary research teams is facilitated by (1) securing funds for compelling research initiatives by HSRI subgroups such as through program projects; (2) actively recruiting the best and brightest graduate students and postdocs by showcasing the resources available to them in the health sciences; (3) hosting various means for members to communicate and interact around their research, such as through an annual HSRI symposium, visiting scholar presentations, seminars, and other regularly scheduled activities that bring members together; and (4) maintaining core facilities that will support research in the health sciences. Research facilitated by HSRI sponsored activities will solidify UCM as a leader of human health research, which will allow us to continue to attract top talent at the faculty, postdoctoral, and student levels.

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