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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MSE 109: Materials Thermodynamics

Units: 4

Thermodynamic laws and principles. Thermodynamics of solid solutions. Phase equilibria in materials systems of one, two and three components. Nucleation and growth vs. spinodal decomposition. Determination and interpretation of equilibrium binary and ternary phase diagrams for metals, ceramics and polymers. Quantitative applications of Ellingham diagrams, phase diagrams and Pourbaix diagrams.

Course Details
Repeatable for Credit: No
Discussion included
Normal Letter Grade only

Requisites and Restrictions
Prerequisite: (MATH 021 or equivalent exam) and (PHYS 008 or PHYS 008H or equivalent exam) and (CHEM 002 or CHEM 002H or equivalent exam) and ENGR 045
Open only to following major/minor(s):
  • Chemical Sciences (Undergraduate) - CHEM
  • Materials Sci & Engineering (Undergraduate) - MSE
  • Bioengineering (Undergraduate) - BENG
  • Environmental Engineering (Undergraduate) - ENVE
  • Physics (Undergraduate) - PHYS
  • Computer Science & Engineering (Undergraduate) - CSE
  • Mechanical Engineering (Undergraduate) - ME

Open only to the following class level(s):
  • Junior
  • Senior

Instructor Permission Required: No

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