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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

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Phone: 209-228-5433 (CAT-LIFE)
Email: studentlife@ucmerced.edu
Web: studentlife.ucmerced.edu

Arts and Entertainment

UC Merced is part of a vibrant community in the San Joaquin Valley and is located close to the city of Merced. The city has a population of over 80,000 and offers restaurants, parks, a weekly farmer’s market and an active multicultural arts center. In addition to the local cinemas, Playhouse Merced has a full calendar of live performances. A variety of speakers and shows make appearances in town and UC Merced works with faculty, staff and student clubs and organizations to add to those events.

In addition, Modesto (45 minutes to the north of Merced), Fresno (one hour to the south of Merced) and the San Francisco Bay area (two hours to the west of Merced) have an abundance of museums, theaters, arts centers, and events. The San Joaquin Valley region is home to a variety of attractions such as the Lee Institute for Japanese Art in Hanford, Gallo Art Center in Modesto, Hilmar Cheese Factory, Castle Air Museum, and Mariposa Museum and History Center, with many other destinations to be found on the Merced Conference and Visitors Bureau website at www.yosemite-gateway.org/Attractions/yosemite.php.

Student Life Activities and Special Events

The Office of Student Life is “At the Center of It All,” at the heart of the UCM Bobcat experience.  UC Merced is a place where our students have the desire and opportunity to create traditions and leave legacies that will carry forward for years to come. For students looking to get involved on campus, student involvement opportunities abound. On a weekly basis, activities and events are provided for students to enhance their out of the classroom experience. UC Merced activities and events range from concerts to carnivals, fashion shows to festivals, and include off campus adventures to places like San Francisco, Fresno, and Modesto for shopping sprees, cultural activities, and athletic events.

The Office of Student Life also partners with faculty, staff, and students to organize large-scale campus events. Annual events such as Welcome Week, Family Weekend, Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, ASCEND: New Student Success Conference, Fab Feminism Week, Asian Fest, Pride Week and the Gauntlet Games engage the entire UCM community. If planning events and bringing spirit to campus is your joy, then joining the Campus Activities Board (CAB) may be just what you’re looking for. The Campus Activities Board coordinates and sponsors exciting activities for UC Merced students including the CABsterical Comedy Show, Winter Ball, Spring Concert, and Annual Dance Off, and is a great way to get involved in campus life. 

Getting involved and getting connected is important to the success of every UCM Bobcat!  One of the many resources provided by the Office of Student Life in support of student success is the CatLife student involvement database (CatLife.ucmerced.edu).  On the CatLife site, students can find out about clubs and organizations, register events, review event announcements, log service hours, manage the Student Involvement Portfolio, and more.  CatLife keeps you connected and helps you “Capture Your Bobcat Experience!”

Student Government, Clubs and Organizations, and Fraternity and Sorority Life

UC Merced students have established UC Merced’s Associated Student Government (asucm.ucmerced.edu) as well as clubs and organizations that enrich campus life. These organizations create opportunities for students with common interests to help shape the direction of the newest UC campus, build friendships, and provide opportunities for social and academic networking. Over 160 clubs and organizations have been formed and fall into the following categories: cultural, special interest, community service, religious, academic/professional, wellness and art/music/dance. Fraternity and Sorority Life is also under way at UC Merced. With values supporting leadership, scholarship, service and friendship, UCM students have established vibrant Greek letter organizations on campus, furthering opportunities for student development and involvement. 

Leadership Programs and Civic Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Programs is an exciting part of student life at UC Merced. Whether you are a new, emerging, or seasoned student leader, opportunities for learning and growth abound. With leadership options that include conferences, mentor programs, workshops, lectures, and participation in programs such as the Bobcat Leadership Series, P.A.W.S Leadership Seminar, and the Yosemite Leadership Program, there are learning and leadership opportunities for everyone.

Involvement in Civic Leadership, community service and engagement is also a hallmark of student leadership at UC Merced. There are many opportunities for UCM students to volunteer, learn from and give back to the local community. Participation in events such as Merced County Project 10%, Kids Day, Relay For Life and the California Coastal Cleanup provide students the opportunity to impact the Merced community by thinking globally and leading locally.

Social Justice Initiatives and Women’s Programs

UC Merced students represent a rich diversity of cultures. Through Social Justice Initiatives and Women’s Programs, the UCM community is exposed to films, festivals, guest speakers and workshops that examine and celebrate the diversity of our world. Annual events like the Social Justice Retreat, Women’s History Month, Social Justice Film Series, Women’s Empowerment Conference, Safe Zone Training, Fat Talk Free Week, and the Clothesline Project, provide UCM students an opportunity to learn, share and celebrate the rich fabric of diversity and culture evident both on campus and beyond.

Campus and Student Conduct Policies

UC Merced strives to create an environment that fosters individual growth, freedom of expression and a sense of community. The viability of this community depends on a common understanding among its members regarding their rights and responsibilities.

The Student Handbook: Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students (http://studentlife.campuscms.ucmerced.edu/files/page/documents/studentcodeofconduct.pdf)

The Student Handbook lays the foundation for that understanding and governs the conduct of all University of California, Merced students. It articulates the University’s expectations regarding standards of conduct—in both academic and non-academic settings. In addition, the campus’ Principles of Community, located toward the beginning of this catalog, further reinforce the expectations, obligations and privileges of participating as a member of the UC Merced community.