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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Technology

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Phone: 209-228-4357 (CAT-HELP)
Email: helpdesk@ucmerced.edu
Web: it.ucmerced.edu

The use of computers and networks has become pervasive in higher education. The UC Merced vision for information technology supports the campus commitment to deploying current and emerging technologies and practices to help students make maximum use of information technology for academic purposes, administrative transactions and other activities. Students can reach virtually all applications and information, including e-mail, course software, registration materials and much more, via a single electronic ID and a customizable portal, MyUCMerced (my.ucmerced.edu).

From applying to UC Merced and tracking the application process to registering for courses and ultimately seeing grades, students use the Internet. For courses in which they are enrolled, the MyUCMerced portal allows students to connect with a website for each course. UC Merced’s collaborative learning software puts students in touch with syllabi, course materials, library resources, assignments, grade books and course calendars; it lets students submit assignments and chat or send e-mail to other students and faculty in the course. The campus is laptop friendly, with wireless network access available in all campus buildings including classrooms, Library, common spaces, and residence halls. The Library also provides electrical outlets in carrels and other work areas.

Students living on campus have direct Ethernet connectivity to the campus network, and secure VPN access to the campus network is available for those living off campus. On campus, all residents have their own connection to the network with additional ports in the common rooms and wireless access in residences and the Yablokoff–Wallace Dining Commons. Additional residence service includes a drop-in computer lab and group laptop study area.

All students are supported through online assistance and a Student Help Desk, open every weekday. An Open Access computer lab is available for drop-in use throughout the day, and several computer classrooms on campus permit drop-in use in between instructional class sessions. The Library is equipped with wireless and plug-in Ethernet ports for internal and Internet information access.

In the classroom, students find a learning environment enriched by information technology. All rooms support projection of computer-based information, as well as video. Some rooms permit recording of lectures for streaming video on individual course websites. Videoconferencing rooms support real-time interaction with remote sites via audio and video.

Because of the pervasive use of computer technology at UC Merced, it is strongly advised that students have their own personal computers, which should be capable of running typical web and word processing applications. Students may find that their School has additional recommendations or requirements. Check the UC Merced website for more specific School information.