Dec 11, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Mathematical Sciences, Computational Biology Emphasis, B.S. Four-Year Course Plan

All General Education course options can be found here.  

First Year

Fall Spring
MATH 021: Calculus I for Physical Sciences and Engineering   MATH 022: Calculus II for Physical Sciences and Engineering  
SPRK 001: Spark Seminar  or  SPRK 010: Spark Seminar   WRI 010: College Reading and Composition  
CHEM 002: General Chemistry I   General Education: AREA B–Social Science or Arts and Humanities
Computer Science Requirement PHYS 008: Introductory Physics I for Physical Sciences  and PHYS 008L  

Second Year

Fall Spring
MATH 024: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations  MATH 023: Vector Calculus 
General Education: AREA B–Social Science MATH 032: Probability and Statistics  
BIO 001: Contemporary Biology  and BIO 001L   General Education: AREA B–Arts and Humanities
PHYS 009: Introductory Physics II for Physical Sciences  and PHYS 009L   BIO 002: Introduction to Molecular Biology  and BIO 002L  

Third Year

Fall Spring
MATH 130: Numerical Analysis   MATH 126: Partial Differential Equations  
MATH 125: Intermediate Differential Equations   Upper Division BIO Emphasis
Upper Division BIO Emphasis General Education: Writing in the Discipline
Free Elective Free Elective

Fourth Year

Fall Spring
MATH 122: Complex Variables and Applications   MATH 132: Numerical Methods for Differential Equations  or  MATH 146: Numerical Linear Algebra  
MATH 141: Linear Analysis I   MATH 150: Mathematical Modeling  
Upper Division BIO Emphasis Free Elective