Dec 06, 2022  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Global Arts Studies, B.A. Four-Year Course Plan Option 1

The four-year plans presented in this sample plan demonstrate the recommended sequencing and timing  of the required and elective components within each major, the assumption each course listed is worth 4 semester units (unless otherwise noted), and that lower and upper division common course GE requirements are maximized in sharing with your major, concentration, and Intellectual Experience Badges. In many cases, a student’s academic background will require variations in the timing of the coursework listed in the plan. All students are expected to work with their academic advisor to find their best pathway through the degree requirements of their chosen program. 

All General Education course options can be found here.  


First Year

Fall Spring
GASP 001: Introduction to Media and Performance Studies   GASP 002  or GASP 003  or GASP 006  
WRI 010: College Reading and Composition   Lower Division GASP Lecture/Seminar Elective
SPRK 001: Spark Seminar  or  SPRK 010: Spark Seminar   General Education: Language
General Education: AREA A–Natural or Engineering Science General Education: Quantitative Reasoning

Second Year

Fall Spring
GASP 002  or GASP 003  or GASP 006   GASP 109: Image and Sound  
Upper Division GASP Music or Dance Requirement/Ensemble Upper Division GASP Visual Arts Studio
Upper Division GASP Studio/Ensemble General Education: AREA A–Engineering Science
General Education: AREA A–Natural Science Lower or Upper Division Elective

Third Year

Fall Spring
Upper Division GASP GASP 150-189 Upper Division GASP GASP 100-108, GASP 150-189
Lower or Upper Division Elective Upper Division Elective
Lower or Upper Division Elective Upper Division Elective
Lower or Upper Division Elective Upper Division Elective

Fourth Year

GASP 190: Theories of Expressive Culture   GASP 191: Senior Thesis  
GASP 192: Internship in Global Arts   Upper Division Elective
Upper Division Elective Upper Division Elective