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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Emergency Course Continuity (ECC) Policies

Academic Senate Office

email: senateoffice@ucmerced.edu
Web: senate.ucmerced.edu

The Emergency Course Continuity policy specifies academic instruction policies which may be invoked in the event of an emergency that prevents or limits the campus’s ability to deliver standard undergraduate and graduate instruction. Emergency Course Continuity provides instructional flexibility to the instructors of record and teaching assistants for courses. Instructors of record may deliver their courses using online modalities without obtaining approval through the standard process for online course approval. This policy also provides guidelines for adjusting contact hours and adjustments to course learning outcomes.

Emergency Course Continuity may be invoked by the Chancellor and/or the Provost in consultation with the Chair of the Academic Senate (or their designees, if unavailable), and may last up to 5 weeks (25 days of instruction). Extension of Emergency Course Continuity requires approval by the Merced Divisional Council.

Grading Options

In terms when the Emergency Course Continuity policy is enacted, the approved policy allows a pass/no pass option for all undergraduate courses and a satisfactory/unsatisfactory option for graduate courses. Undergraduate students have through the last day of instruction to elect the P/NP option and graduate students have three weeks after the last day of instruction to elect the S/U option. 

Transcript Notation

A notation will appear on the official transcript for all student who were enrolled during a term when the Emergency Course Continuity policy was enacted. The notation will appear under the completed term. 

Transcript Notation: Emergency Course Continuity Policy Enacted